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Jan Iveta is a photographer and CGI artist, specialised in commercial photography and moody animations.

Hi. I am Jan, photographer and CGI artist based in Zagreb, Croatia. Born in Zagreb in 1988, and since very young age, heavily into arts and cinema. Up until high school years, avid student of classical art and comic books, both in theory and practice. Around high school, pen and brush started to become slowly replaced by camera and computer. By the first year of architecture college, first paid photography assignments started arriving. During architecture education, I began to do 3d modeling and rendering, slowly combining it with postproduction skills and photography. After finishing with masters degree in architecture, briefly worked as an architect for a commercial studio before deciding to quit and do what I do best.

Technical and practical knowledge:
-concept development
-pre production and various practical special effects (prepping food and beverages)
-studio and field photography
-understanding of light and composition
-3d modeling and photorealistic rendering
-wide range of advanced postproduction techniques and retouching

24/7 access to a professional grade photography studio with Elinchrom lighting and wide variety of modifiers big and small. Work is done with Canon full frame cameras and L glass combined with Fuji X system for candid and field work. Medium format cameras available if needed.

To ensure highest output quality matching industry standards and quick delivery, post work and rendering is done on Mac Pro station with 12 cores and 64gb ram, combined with wide gamut dell monitors calibrated with Spyder3 pro technology.





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